2013 in review

2013 was a very good year, both personally and professionally.

I got my first paper published and finished my first year of graduate school. Despite all the challenges I had a solid second field season. Feeding my travel bug I was able to travel almost every month of the year, saw some amazing birds and met some amazing people. I have to say I am quite satisfied, even though I didn’t complete all the goals I set last January.

So here’s 2013 by the numbers, since my scientist self always needs to quantify things.

Miles Traveled by Car - 30,000 (ballpark estimate) Flights - 14 number of Educational Presentations - 5 number of National Parks - 4 number of National Wildlife Refuges - 10 Bird Species Seen - 394 number of Lifers (Bird species I’d never seen before) - 164! States Visited 19 States which were new 6 (Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kansas, Nebraska)

Year First Visited Dark Red - Pre-2000 Red - 2000-2003 Orange - 2008 Yellow - 2009 Both Blues - 2012 Purple - 2013

Written on December 31, 2013