2016 by the numbers

Lists of things

States Visited - Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Georgia (NEW), Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Okalhoma, Pennsylvania, New York, Conneticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Louisiana

(states still needed: Alaska, Florida, Washington, Idaho, South Dakota)

(countries needed - everything minus the US and Canada…)

Miles Driven - ~ 40k

Miles flown - ~ 5k

Months till I finish my PhD - 2!!!!

/#MORails observed its 8000th rail this year

Top moments of 2016

Adopting a new dog with my husband Nova

Another successful year of #PorchGardening

I didn’t work more weekends then I did work

Started crocheting again


Continued to learn to say ‘No’

Meeting so many amazing twitter friends as I traveled around the country - in no particular order (@cricketcrocker, @kopshtik, @MuseumThoughts, @labroides, @mslabroides, @AuroraBirdialis, @duffy_ma, @hormiga, @seemobirds, @patschloss, @cbahlai, @am_anatiala, @BenCAugustine, @AnneWHilborn, @harpactes, @sketchbiologist, @stevedudley_, @EcoGretchen, @birdnirdfoley, @pboesu, @GMcLeanLeighton, @SolomonRDavid, @WhySharksMatter, @KCPregler, @ssts, @KWRutter and probably some others I am not remembering right this moment, sorry )

Teaching Three Software/Data Carpentry Workshops

Being the TA for Biometry

Leading a Twitter workshop with my #NAOC2016ConferenceSquad

First two chapters of my dissertation accepted for publication!

Giving my first invited departmental seminar at the University of Toledo

Giving my first keynote talk to the Ohio Ornithological Society

Low Points

Struggling with major imposter syndrome, depression and burn out

Lots of manuscript rejections (SO MANY)

Lots of grant rejections (SO MANY)

Failing to see a Black Rail (AGAIN)

Saying goodbye to many more members of my PhD Cohort :(

Written on December 30, 2016