2016 Goals

Submit 4 of 5 chapters for publication (multiple times if necessary!!)

Have two side projects accepted for publication (one is out for the second round of peer review right now!)

Write at least 45 minutes/weekday. I’ll be using RescueTime to track this.

Read /#365papers. I’ll be tracking them here

Write /#50posts for this blog (this is /#1)

Host @RealScientists and @BioTweeps again this fall during /#MORails

Use my new file organizational structure for everything, start bringing old projects over go the new system

Develop all teaching materials for the Biometry Course I am the TA for so they are all reproducible open science based. They will be available here as I make them.

So No to all things that don’t make me SUPER PUMPED to be apart of them. #PHD17, my dissertation and my sanity need to take priority.

Hold a Black Rail

Visit five new places outside of Arkansas (still need to visit Florida, Georgia, Washington, South Dakota, Idaho, Alaska, the remaining Canadian provinces and THE REST OF THE WORLD)

Get involved in a non-rail project

Get outside once a week

Start some kind of regular exercise/mediation routine

Written on January 1, 2016