2017 by the numbers

Lists of things

States Visited - Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Florida, Idaho

Visited UK for the first time!

Visited Ontario and Quebec for the first time!

(states still needed: Alaska, Washington, South Dakota)

(countries needed - everything minus the US, the UK and Canada…)

Miles Driven - ~ 20k

Miles flown - ~ 30k

Gave 4 invited seminars

Papers published - 5

Top moments of 2017


Starting my new postdoc/moving to Mississippi

Started crocheting again

Learned how to knit

Continued to learn to say ‘No’

Meeting so many amazing twitter friends as I traveled

Submitting my entire dissertation for publication <12 months after graduating!

Low Points

Struggling with major imposter syndrome, depression and burn out

Lots of manuscript rejections (SO MANY)

Lots of grant rejections (SO MANY)

Failing to see a Black Rail (AGAIN)

Saying goodbye to my Arkansas community

Written on December 31, 2017