2018 Goals

Continue to fight against injustice in all forms, stay informed, voice my opinion to those who represent me in government

Figure out what kind of job/career/life I really want

Visit five new places (still need to visit Washington, South Dakota, Alaska, the remaining Canadian provinces and THE REST OF THE WORLD (minus the UK))

Publish the first two papers from my post doc.

Publish the remaining papers from my dissertation. (remaining: Chapter 2, Chapter 4)

Have two side projects accepted for publication

Complete 5 contracts with Porzana Solutions.

Teach 1 workshop with Data/Software Carpentry

Only say YES to things I am truely excited about

Go completely vegetarian at home

Fail 50 Times

Host @BioTweeps again

Hold a Black Rail

See a Ridgeway’s Rail

Go to 6 concerts/plays

Bike 1000 miles

Take a self defense courses

Have a weekly excercise/meditation routine

Present at 3 conferences

Give 7 invited seminars

Read the remaining books on my ‘women in ornithology’ list

Read 30 books I’ll keep track of them on Goodreads

Written on January 1, 2018