American Ornithology and Society of Canadian Ornithology Meeting 2017

Just returned from the first meeting of the American Ornithological Society (after the recent merger of AOU and COS), joined by the Society of Canadian Ornithologists to form a fantastic and fun meeting in East Lansing Michigan.

I was very busy all week.

First I helped run the Social Media and Science Communication Symposium Wednesday.

My Slides are available here.

Slides from the entire symposium are available here

I also had the pleasure of giving a 3 minute lightning talk introducing myself to ornithology as an early career professional. The entire symposium can be watched here Via SciCommMonday.

Thursday I had a poster highlighting my 2015 paper in Waterbirds with Black Swamp Bird Observatory, available here.

Friday I helped run a Q&A about social media and science, well attended with a great discussion.

Saturday I gave a talk on my postdoc work on structured decision making available here.

It was a wonderful meeting, full of friends and new faces.

Written on August 6, 2017