/#MORails 2013 - Feds are up and running an so are we!

So the federal shutdown ended, thank goodness, just in time so that my fourth round of surveys was not destroyed. The state properties are only available to us to survey through october 15th so all of our surveys after that date are just on the National Wildlife Refuges, which were closed during the shutdown, thankfully though they are open now and we are back in business.

I am still quite frustrated about all the data we lost because of the shutdown but my focus at the moment is much more on getting the most out of these next two weeks. Had our first surveys of the fourth round last night and saw a small number of Sora, which was surprising. I didn’t expect migration to drop off so fast this year since it started so late, I’ve got a few theories but no ways to really prove any of them but the birds are doing what they are doing and that is apparently getting farther south faster then expected.

My three awesome techs who have been out in the field with me all fall have all gone their separate ways. My plan was to keep Matt on for the fourth round, but he got accepted into graduate school (way to go Matt!) and had to head home to pack up his life and start his next adventure. My other two techs already had plans made for after the end of this job so they couldn’t stay but luckily I was able to convince my husband Jon to come out with me for these last two weeks of crazyness to help me out so it’s just the two of us out here now.

It was very sad to say farewell to my techs, they are an awesome group of field techs and I look forward to hopefully seeing all of them again soon.

Written on October 16, 2013