Goals for 2013

So this year I’m trying to set some ambitious and varied goals, both professional and personal, just to set out what I hope this year will bring. I know that likely all of this won’t happen, and that new adventures and things will present themselves as well, and I am excited for all of them.

So here is to 2013!

  • Try two new recipes every month (and write blog posts about them)
  • Hike to the highest point in Arkansas & Missouri Larger goal - hike to the highpoint in all 50 states already complete (Hawaii, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan)
  • Hike the five best hikes in Arkansas (according to my guide book)
  • Go to 10 new states

       Larger goal - all 50 states by the time I'm 25
          Remaining: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Montana, Colorado,   
          Wyoming, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, 
  • Visit 5 national parks
  • Hike 500 miles (not work related)
  • Walk to Mordor
  • Backpack 100 miles (not work related)
  • Finish up my photobooks/scrapbooks up through 2012
  • See 50 bird species I’ve never seen before (lifers)
  • Go birding on the Gulf Coast and in South Texas
  • See 300 bird species in 2013
  • Submit an ebird checklist EVERY DAY
  • Take a picture every day
  • Read 50 non-school required books
  • Make par in a game of disc golf
  • Use my passport (finally!)
  • Have a highly successful second field season (including a black rail sighting!)
  • Publish my first peer-reviewed paper
  • Submit my second peer-reviewed paper for publication
  • Attend three professional conferences/meetings
  • Post at least three times a week on my blog
  • Have atleast twice monthly game nights with fellow students during the school year
  • Eat healthier
  • GPA = 4.0
Written on January 1, 2013