I’m currently a Postdoctoral Research Assistant at Mississippi State University working on Structured Decision Making tools to support the Gulf of Mexico Avian Monitoring Network, where I am supervised by Drs. Jim Lyons and Mark Woodrey.

I completed my PhD in Biology at the University of Arkansas through the Arkansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit in March 2017.

My goal is to do work that promotes bird conservation and to help connect the people around me with the natural world. I love spending time in the field, and I love writing code, so I’m trying to weave together a career to help birds and keeps me out in the field and coding. I also really enjoy teaching people about programming and statistics. I am an instructor for Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry and I love sitting down with most anyone to teach them about R, reproducible research and statistics.

Feel free to contact me with any questions at aurielfournier@gmail.com, or on twitter @RallidaeRule

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Other Places to find me

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Non-Peer Reviewed Writing

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