/#MORails Brownies

Brownies with melted peanut butter topping, candles were lit off the stove burner since we didn’t have any matches

An army marches on their stomach

Chocolate is a prove mood enhancer

Showing your appreciation can be simple.

These three reasons, along with my love of cooking for other people has led me to develop a bit of a tradition, that my returning technician is eagerly expecting this fall.

Brownies. About once a week I make brownies for my technicians, I have a few recipes that I circle through but it seems that my peanut butter recipe is the favorite. I find that it’s a simple way to show appreciation for the hard work that my techs put in every day. So I make some brownies, tuck them away and pull them out to enjoy after a long night of surveying.

Or like in the case of this picture I melt some peanut butter and write out a special message for one of their birthdays.

I wish I could pay my techs more and give them a more normal schedule where they could have weekends and a steady schedule, but I sadly can’t do that, though I am glad I can pay them better then I have every made as a technician. I hope to be able to continue to pay those that work under at at least that level, because I don’t believe that those who do what they love should have to live either in debt or just out of it.

Some would say that I have unrealistic expectations, and that may be true but I think that there are small changes that can be made to help make this field more sustainable for students, especially as more and more of us come out of college saddled with large amounts of debt.

So for the moment i try to keep my project as low cost for my techs as possible and supplement their diet with brownies and dinner once a week, it’s not much, but it’s what I can manage for now.

Written on August 13, 2013