Goals for 2014

Pass my Comprehensive Examinations - If I accomplish nothing else this year but this it will be a huge success.

Work Less - I find that I spend a lot of my time doing things that feel productive, but aren’t. I want to streamline my workflow so that I can get more done during ‘business hours’ and not work so much on the evenings/weekends. Work/Life balance is important, even when I love my work.

Stop changing organization/productivity systems - I am a productivity nerd and an early adapter, I have realized lately, to a fault. Unless I have to change to a new system (being forced by school or some other entity) I’m going to stick with the apps/software/services I currently use.

I want to be able to run a 5k by the end of the year - I need to start exercising more, grad school is MUCH less active then field work or even my undergrad. I need to get up and moving more, weekend hiking isn’t cutting it.

Visit 10 new states
Larger Goal - Visit All 50 States by the time I’m 25 (June 2015)
Remaining States (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Washington, Alaska, North Dakota, Wyoming, South Dakota, Idaho, Montana, Colorado)
Visit 5 National Parks
Spend 30 nights camping
Spend two hours a week learning spanish on DuoLingo
Hit 550 life birds
Go Birding in Florida
Get 200 species of birds in Arkansas
Hike/Backpack 500 miles
Read 20 books, not school related
Read 1000 peer reviewed articles
GPA = 4.0
Give 10 public education talks
Write three guest posts for other blogs
Cook two new recipes every month
Present/Poster at two conferences
Get my second peer reviewed paper accepted
Attend the 2014 TWS SE Student Conclave - Win An Award
Have a 3rd successful field season
Submit two new peer reviewed papers for publication
Complete a WFR Course
Get certified as a Associated Wildlife Biologist through The Wildlife Society
Payoff 15% of our student loans

Written on January 1, 2014