New Paper - Site‐selection bias and apparent population declines in long‐term studies

Fournier, AMV, White, ER, Heard, SB. Site-selection bias can drive apparent population declines in long-term studies Preprint: Conservation Biology 10.1111/cobi.13371

What started as a blog post by Stephen Heard prompted me to go ‘huh, really?’ and open up R to write some ‘simple simulations’.

Within a day or two I was emailing back and forth with Steve because my simulations matched what he discussed in his post. Over the past, over 3 years we’ve continued to work on this, as I finished my PhD, started and now ended a postdoc and started a new job in Illinois. Its been a fun, challenging and great experience, that we brought Easton White into about midway given his excellent work in the area that really added to the ‘real world data’ part of the paper.

Twitter in action folks, I did meet Easton at ESA last year, but have yet to meet Steve in real life, someday.

Written on June 18, 2019