Volunteer Field Technicians Are Bad for Wildlife Ecology

If you are a regular reader the topic of my most recent paper won’t be too surprising. Dr. Alex Bond and I have written an editorial in The Wildlife Society Bulletin entitled Volunteer Field Technicians Are Bad for Wildlife Ecology.

If you aren’t able to access it because of the paywall (Alex and I weren’t able to fork over open access fees out of our own pockets, sorry) check out research gate for a copy for your personal use.

Once it comes out in hard copy (right now its online only) Alex and I are planning to write up a follow up blog post addressing some of the responses we’ve received.

If you’d like engage us in some dialogue shoot me an email (aurielfournier@gmail.com). If you want to write me an anonymous email telling me that my career is over, you can join the others in my trash bin.

Written on November 19, 2015