Yellow Rail Morphometric Model

So I’ve started on another side project (yes I realize I haven’t written much on my other side projects yet but I am really pumped about this one so this one first). Photo by Justin Lehman my awesome tech Yellow Rails have quickly become my favorite of the rails over the past few months. Between there extra sneaky habits and the fact that they are just so pretty I am pretty solidly addicted to Yellow Rails. Those of you who have been subjected to listening about my senior project of my undergrad know a bit about the morphometric model I worked on for the Virginia Rail (my second favorite rail). We were actually pretty successful with that (currently working on getting it published waiting to hear back from a journal!). So now I’m working on getting a group of people together to try and do the same thing for the Yellow Rail.Basically a morphometric model is a statistical model and in our case we’re trying to take morphometrics (that is body measurements such as wing length bill length etc) and use discriminant analysis to predict the sex of the bird.So this past week I’ve sent out dozens of emails to anyone that anyone has ever told me works with Yellow Rails trying to get together a great group of collaborators and the biggest sample size that we can. So far I’ve received some great positive responses and if you do Yellow Rail research by any chance and are interested in working on this and I haven’t emailed you shoot me a line ( the more the merrier!

Written on January 30, 2013